About Us

About Us

Since 2005 - Pursuit for perfection

La Senja began its cooperation with Swarovski in 2005 and since then elaborates and offers only unique, handmade jewellery of the highest quality.

Jewellery, that integrates Rhodium-plated Silver, high-quality Stainless steel /316L/, the Italian material for bracelets Alcantara and Crystals from Swarovski.

Each jewel is a result of creative design and is carefully and precisely elaborated to the last detail, passing strict inspection, so that we can guarantee only the highest quality to our customers.

Our Way

La Senja Jewellery - The connection between artistic inspiration and women's beauty

Each of our jewellery pieces are elaborated in such a way, that it creates a feeling of harmony between the materials, of luxury, but also of the ease of a daily bijou, that we wear effortlessly and with pleasure.

We strive for our jewellery to evoke emotions, to become a part of that special for every woman box, where she keeps her most valuable jewels, which wake up memories.

Our creations invariably draw inspiration from the huge range of the Crystals from Swarovski, which symbolize grace, elegance, glamour, and beauty.

They always reach the customer with our passion and love for perfection embodied in them.

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