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La Maria, Heart Necklace


• Base metal: Rhodium Plated Silver 925
• Chain: Rhodium Plated Silver 925 (Italy)
• Crystals: Swarovski®
• Handmade
• Necklace Length: 23 mm
• Chain Length: 45 cm + 5 cm extension
• Jewelry Box Produced in: Germany
• Collection: La Maria, Heart


La Maria, Heart

Collection of exquisite necklaces and earrings with a  round or drop form in several colors.
Its characteristic is that  many small crystals of two alternating colors in the same tone are encrusted on the periphery of the big crystal and there is no casing of metal.
This way of elaborating  is very difficult, but it allows the creation of an  image consisting only of crystals that seem to swim in the air.

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