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Swarovski Rings

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Swarovski Rings

The La Senja Rings collection reflects in the utmost the pursuit of diversity, innovation and creativity in combining different techniques and materials with the magical effect of the multicolored glittering Swarovski crystals.

From simpler models with just one crystal, framed by a Silver or Stainless steel casing, to very complex combinations of several hundred crystals, a result of creative design and flawless long hours of handwork, all La Senja rings allow the modern woman to express herself and impress with her individual choice of emphasis in everyday life or at special occasions.

Our rings are an elegant and spectacular addition to the bracelets and necklaces collections with Swarovski crystals.

The correctly matched combination of all these elements is a guarantee of an irresistible effect in the charming radiance of every elegant woman.

The rings with a single crystal that is embedded in a metal base are a classic and always an unmistakable choice either for personal use or for choosing a gift on a particular occasion.

The single Swarovski crystal combines in an exquisite way with its numerous facets and reflections with the specially molded metal base made of steel or silver 925.

Every metal base is a result of designer work and a subsequent process of perfect metal casting and polishing so that the periphery of the crystal adheres tightly to the curves of the metal part and as a result obtain a perfectly finished jewellery piece that decorates the hand of the lady.

The collections Graphic, Magic Stone, Mystic, Viva, Blush, Grace, Ocean and Elegance are such collections with a single Swarovski crystal.

Another series of rings, characterized by a higher degree of complexity of the workmanship and more brilliance due to the many built-in crystals, includes Brilliance, Rain Drop and Rivoli Orbit.

Here we have a central big crystal, gracefully surrounded by a few rings of smaller crystals in the same color tones.  The many shapes – from round and oval to heart-shaped – correspond to each individual perception of elegance and style, and the amount of color solutions will leave no desire unfulfilled.

A large group of subcollections includes rings, the elaboration of which is characterized by the incorporation of a large number of crystals of different size and color into a specially developed and patented by Swarovski material, called Ceralun. This particular technique allows the creation of various images and shapes of the rings according to the customers’s desire and imagination.

For example, in the Andalucia collection, we have symmetrical circles, starting from a large crystal in the middle, and circle-expanding crystals of different color and size to the periphery.

In the Galaxy collection, crystals of varying sizes, but in one color range are scattered evenly over the surface, which at first glance looks like a casual game, but actually requires high mastery of the applicators.

In the collections Romance, Blossom, Twilight, Twilight Orbit and Crystal Glow, the demands of flawless color transfusion of crystals from one tonality to another are even higher, because you need a proper spatial vision along with a sense of symmetry so that a perfect from an aesthetic point of view image of the ring is achieved.

In the Blossom collection, for example, we have symmetry and simultaneously seemingly random overflowing from one color tonality to another, thus creating the perception of an expanding galaxy of crystals.

Stardust is undoubtedly the collection that has concentrated all the benefits of the precise and flawless hand work. In addition to the absolute order of the individual colors of crystals in concentric circles, we also have a volume of the figure, which requires very high skill in the creation process.

A worthy place in La Senja’s exclusive line of rings belongs to the Crystal Rocks collection, which uses Swarovski’s specific crystals. In this collection, in contrast to the logic of all the other types, the effect is achieved precisely thanks to the random arrangement of the individual elements. It is exactly this random arrangement, thanks to the special two-sided conical shape of the crystal that creates the numerous impressive reflections of the Crystal Rocks rings.