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Swarovski Earrings

The La Senja Swarovski Earrings Collection is an indispensable integral part of the stylish accessories set of any modern woman who would like to complete her necklace and bracelet combination with a spectacular addition in the same color range.

Independently whether elaborated in silver or steel, the La Senja earrings with Swarovski crystals invariably impress with the effect of a direct or muffled effect, depending on the selected color of the crystals.

They can be worn as an everyday stylish and elegant accessory or as an essential element of an impressive vision for evening events when the elements are more voluminous as forms and facets.

The subcollections of the earrings with Swarovski crystals are divided into several types depending on the components of the items and the complexity of the workmanship.

The collections Twist, Artistic, Space, Crystal Drop, Hearts, Summer Breeze and Grace are made up of hanging earrings with one crystal and an elegant metal holder, that emphasizes the perfect shapes and facets of the Swarovski Crystal. In these subcollections, the main effect of the brilliance is achieved by the radiation of the facets in light reflection and the originality of the crystal shape. Such collections are produced twice a year, when Swarovski launch their Novelties – the new types and colors of crystals for the season.

A large group of subcollections represent the traditional perception of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry – a metal base made of 316L Stainless steel or silver 925 Rhodium plated with a built-in crystal. The effect of these collections is achieved by the originality of the crystal as facets, shape and colors, but also to a great extent by the exquisiteness and perfect workmanship of the metal base, which is the frame of the crystal. Such collections are Royal, Ocean, Blush, Elegance, Grace, Love, Pure, Mystic, Magic Stone, Viva and Viva with an Edge.

The Brilliance, Rain Drop, Rivoli, Rivoli Orbit and Flame Love collections are more sophisticated, original and requiring much more precise workmanship, correspondingly they are more impressive as an impact, the effect is achieved through the interaction of the big central crystal and the wreath of small crystals around it in the same or contrasting color range.

The elaboration of these collections requires a high degree of mastery and experience, precision in the combination of crystals and an advanced spatial vision to accurately complete the details to the last Swarovski crystal. The forms of the earrings are mainly round, oval, a drop or a heart – the classic forms of always up to-date and intransitive jewels for every taste, occasion and mood.

The collections Crystal Glow, Galaxy, Andalucia, Twilight, Twilight Orbit, Allure, Stardust, Serenity and Romance are even more sophisticated as crystalline constructions and aesthetic upgrading to achieve a perfect multicolored image of different or equal-sized crystals, symmetrically or asymmetrically located. The smooth transfusion of crystals from color to color or the rigorous outline of correct geometric shapes of different color or size crystals is achieved through a lot of experience of the designers and applicators in the creation and shaping of the earrings themselves.

One of the most sophisticated and most spectacular collections, exquisite as a vision and perfect as performance, is La Maria collection – a large crystal, framed by dozens of small crystals, without a metal base, on an elegant metal holder. Handmaking of the highest level, almost no analogues worldwide.

Two very specific earrings collections are Crystal Rocks and Glamour. While in the first one the crystals are located in such a way, as if they are chaotic and the effect of their glare is precisely in their disorder, the second one uses some of the most complex semi-finished forms of Swarovski – Crystal Mesh, in which we have perfectly arranged straight rows of crystals in multiple bases. They move freely in the air and create a multicolored aureole, especially spectacular and favored by women for glamorous evening events.

All La Senja earrings collections create perfect combinations with the analog collections of pendants, rings and bracelets and in this way every modern woman achieves completeness of her set of modern jewels for any occasion.